Top Ten Reasons To Borrow From Luxemi

Top 10 Reasons To Borrow From Luxemi

As you know, Luxemi gives you two different shopping options: you can buy from our collection, or borrow from our closet (i.e. rent). As avid shoppers, it’s likely you already know the benefits of buying (probably we bet a little too well). The question is, do you know the benefits of borrowing?

To help you decide whether to borrow or buy, here are the Top Ten Reasons To Borrow from Luxemi:

10. Wear designer outfits without footing designer bills. Is 25 too old to still be begging mom for a designer outfit? Hmm, we’ll let you decide that one!

9. Use the money you save by borrowing an outfit to rent matching jewelry (you know your mom loves when you’re rocking a complete look).

8. Participate in the latest trends without having to commit long term. Who wants to be confined to always making safe (i.e. repeatable) choices? Not us.

7. Your wardrobe can grow or shrink along with your waistline. Don’t feel guilty about that temporary weight gain… borrow a bigger size now and then borrow a smaller size when you’re back in fighting form.

6. When you borrow, we can ship your outfit anywhere in the United States. Instead of packing an outfit (or several) in your suitcase and lugging it with you to that destination wedding, let us take care of shipping your outfit(s) directly to you. When you’re done, simply ship it back from wherever you are. It’s like having a virtual closet. (How “A” list of you!)

5. Having trouble finding an Indian tailor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? Us too! Avoid scouting, scheduling and paying for a trip to the tailor to fit your blouse and petticoat, since borrow outfits are already fitted. Save your time, money and lunch hour for, well, eating lunch.

4. Finally, a way to avoid dry cleaning! After a magical night out, slip your outfit into the prepaid return envelope and we’ll take care of the rest.

3. You no longer need to hide from the cameras: post pictures on Facebook of yourself looking fabulous to your heart’s content. There’s no fear of repeating an outfit you’ve borrowed.

2. Use your airline miles for a trip to Paris instead of yet another shopping trip to India. We endure the heat, crowds and language barriers to do the shopping for you. Bonus! When you do go to India, you’ll get to spend more time with family… you know, the real reason why you’re there.

1. Be in control of your own fashion moment. No more relying on your aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s  taste to find an outfit that is uniquely you!


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2 responses to “Top Ten Reasons To Borrow From Luxemi

  1. andrea

    You are right about not being able to find an Indian tailor in Baton Rouge… ha! Just signed up 🙂

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