Revive Your Wardrobe With Wild Orchid Mix and Match Blouses!

Looking for a way to spice up your existing saree collection? Luxemi’s collection of Wild Orchid Mix and Match blouses by designer Karuna Kaithan are just what the doctor ordered. Kaithan’s designs are the perfect blend of sophistication and fun and are made of luxurious, tailored fabrics that feel like a second skin.

Each Mix and Match blouse comes in a variety of sizes (from 34 to 42) so you can achieve a perfect fit that accentuates your shape! Have you taken a browse lately through your mom’s massive closet? We’re sure she’s got a treasure trove of vintage sarees that are to die for! Wear the Silver Brocade Blouse (pictured above) to update one of your mom’s classic sarees and make it your own. Ready to elevate one of your more simple, LBD sarees to new fashion heights? We have a feeling the Gold Sequin Blouse (pictured above) will do the trick. You can even refashion your lehengas by switching out your old choli’s (tops) with Wild Orchid blouses. Think of all the glorious pieces you own that were worn once, and then sadly relegated to the back of your closet out of fear of committing the cardinal sin known as “repeat.” Take the plunge into your closet and mix and match with a Wild Orchid blouse until you’ve crafted a look that is completely fresh. Not only will you look great, you’ll feel great about being so creative!

Since they come in a variety of price points and in several versatile, metallic colors, you’re sure to find a Mix and Match blouse that’s perfect for you. Looking to give an outfit you’ve borrowed from us an extra special kick? Purchase a Wild Orchid blouse along with your rental and you can rest assured knowing your look is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Wear a Wild Orchid Mix and Match blouse and breathe new life into your closet… one reimagined outfit at a time!

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