Emerging Designer: Kavita Bhartia

Kavita Bhartia Designs

Kavita Bhartia Designs

Kavita Bhartia Designs

Kavita Bhartia Designs

Kavita Bhartia Designs

No one blends Eastern and Western aesthetics as seamlessly as up and coming fashion designer Kavita Bhartia.

A Luxemi favorite, Bhartia uses bold prints, bright colors and various textured fabrics to create sassy, make-a-statement pieces. A perfect combination of old world richness and fresh design concepts, her collection will make you wish you had a runway of your own to wear these killer pieces on. Wearing a Kavita Bhartia piece is the best way to show the world that you’re the ultimate fashion insider.

“The line is an ode to people who have helped me in my journey of fashion. I have merged modern drapes with an Indian touch to create an interesting twist to the whole story. The line has influences from different cultures and places, so it’s all about a bohemian woman who travels a lot and experiences life,” Bhartia told reporters from The Times of India after the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week earlier this year.

Dying to Buy or Borrow the latest Kavita Bhartia creation on Luxemi for your next night out on the town? Leave your comments below and we will keep you posted on our next Designer Collaboration!

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