Luxemi: The Perfect Solution

The following is a guest post from Luxemi user, Valerie Barrios

This wedding season, Luxemi was my perfect solution.

Kind friends have always given or lent me attire to wear to Indian events.  Those sarees and lehengas were undoubtedly exquisite, but they weren’t always me. So when a dear Indian friend celebrated her wedding this month, I turned to  I logged on to the site, used the simple search filters, and quickly found a stunning outfit to borrow – a black and beige zebra print saree, paired with a sequined halter-style blouse.

It was modern and funky, yet elegant and appropriate for the special occasion.  The luxurious outfit arrived in a beautiful bag, with matching bindis and safety pins, and a sweet, personalized note.

Wanting to travel light, I had Luxemi ship the outfit directly to my hotel in D.C. The saree arrived sans hiccups, fully pressed in a beautiful pouch. After the event, I placed the outfit and pouch in the hotel's mailbox using the envelope provided by Luxemi.

An aunty helped me wrap my saree in the traditional Bengali style.  I accessorized and further personalized the outfit with my own large, gold fan earrings and vintage Chanel purse.

Ready to celebrate!

The wedding itself was a distinct affair steeped with creative touches, such as the use of dazzling umbrellas during the baraat and a surprise performance by a marching band.

Enjoying the festivities during the energetic baraat

The festivities represented the couple’s energy and sense of adventure.  And thanks to Luxemi, my outfit reflected my own personal style, ensuring pure sartorial splendor.

Enjoying the reception with friends - All three of us sporting sarees from Luxemi!

P.S.: The best part? I didn’t have to pack the outfit in my suitcase to carry back home! Luxemi sent me a pre-paid return shipping envelope, and handled all the dry-cleaning for me!

– Valerie Barrios

Valerie is a hospitality consultant and honorary Desi

Follow her @valeriebarrios

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