Indian Fashion 101: Got To Love The Gota Work

Regal Gota Border Saree ($178 to borrow) and Floral Gota Cotton Salwar  ($128 to buy)
Welcome back to Indian Fashion 101, a series of posts devoted to exploring and explaining everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Indian Fashion. Last time, we covered essential Indian style and fashion tips for key events. This week’s topic? Gota work. Gota work is a special form of embroidery that uses metallic thread. Gold or silver thread is placed over fabric (like an applique) and sown down using elaborate designs. Gota work can be used throughout a saree, giving an otherwise simple saree a glittering, patterned look (like the paisley gota work design above), and it is also traditionally used to create a thick, shimmering border. Sarees with gota work are traditionally reserved for more formal occasions, such as a wedding or reception, but you can also find gota work on more casual outfits (like the cotton salwar pictured above!).

Foil Stamp and Gota Saree Available in Blush and Turquoise (only $228 to buy)

Gota work can also be used in conjunction with other embellishment techniques, such as foil stamp work (see above) and it pairs exceptionally well with Indian-inspired jewelry. The beauty of gota work is that it gives you the bling factor all of us good Indian girls love, without costing a ton (just compare to Swarovski sarees…). All of the pieces in this post can either be bought or borrowed for under $230. 

What we love most about gota work is its ability to give every saree a regal, maharani-worthy look. Gota work instantly communicates that you’re wearing a luxury, high-quality piece. Paired with sexy, metallic heels and light makeup, a gota saree has all the shine you’ll need to light up the room.

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