Indian Fashion 101: Mirror Work Reflects The Fairest One Of All (You)

Georgette Saree With Mirror Work By Satya Paul

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of of them all?”

When you’re wearing a mirror-work saree, the answer will most certainly be you. The intricate art of embroidering small mirror discs onto fabric hails from the Gujarat state in India. Going back further still, mirror work is attributed to the Persian empire, which introduced mirror work, or shisha/shisheh embroidery (shisheh meaning glass), to India in the thirteenth century.

mirror work saree

The popularity of mirror work sarees is constant, with these subtle, shining elements adding a touch of modern glamour to any outfit. Highly versatile, mirror work sarees work well for day or night and pair gorgeously with a pair of metallic heels.

The Georgette Saree with Mirror Work by Satya Paul pictured above is a perfect illustration of mirror work at its finest. The shining discs amplify its striking sea foam green color. To complete the look, pair it with these Snowflake Blue Topaz Crystal Earrings, both available on Luxemi.

"Snowflake" Blue Topaz Crystal Earrings

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