Chanel’s Paris+Bombay: Lagerfeld Gives India His Parisian Touch

Chanel 2011 Paris+Bombay

Chanel’s Paris+Bombay Metier d’Arts 2012 Collection offered a literal feast for the senses. With a runway fit for Marie Antoinette, complete with gleaming chandeliers, lush flower arrangements, pastel-colored treats and even a train carrying crystal decanters, Karl Lagerfeld presented his Indian-inspired collection with true maharaja flair.

Models came down the aisle showcasing Chanel’s take on Indian jewelry and attire, wearing everything from tikkas and body jewelry to outfits inspired by flowing sarees and the layered salwar kameez. Using its signature blend of light airy fabrics and structured tweeds, Lagerfeld presented a collection that took the best of Indian fashion and infused it with Parisian sensibilities. From over-the-knee leather boots (emulating churidar pants!) to bold, layered statement necklaces, each model showcased a complete look that not so subtlety hinted at India’s affinity for accessories (which we love). Despite consisting of a generally muted color palette, the collection did have several pieces in electric pink, a nod to Indian fashion’s preference for rich colors. Another ode to current Indian fashion trends? A series of pieces done in mixed metallics (a trend that is 100% Luxemi approved).

Oh and of course, we can’t forget to mention the embellishments. The most artistic element of this show were the exquisite Indian-inspired embellishments on every piece of clothing and accessory. From crystals to pearls and everything in between, every piece showcased extraordinary, hand-done craftsmanship. The atelier of embroidery Lesage and button-maker Desrues were the forces behind the details that made this collection truly epic, and we have a behind-the-scenes video that will literally take your breath away (we promise!) as you watch how they create each embellishment and then apply it by hand to each piece. (An added plus? You’ll get an up close and personal view of the collection that  photographs and videos from the runway just can’t compete with).

Lagerfeld calls Chanel’s pre-Fall collection the Métiers d’Art because it is always inspired by an exotic location. The pairing of Bombay and Paris adds Chanel to a string of European design houses such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes that are drawing inspiration from India. After viewing this collection, we have no doubt the trend will continue.

The collection will hit Chanel boutiques worldwide starting May 2012. See the entire collection in the video below.


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2 responses to “Chanel’s Paris+Bombay: Lagerfeld Gives India His Parisian Touch

  1. “outfits inspired by flowing sarees and the layered salwar kameez.” This shows how salwar kameez blend to newer fashion beautifully.

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