Sarees Pack a (Socially) Powerful Punch

The Gulabi Gang

If you think that designer dress is the most impactful item in your wardrobe, guess again. Thousands of years after the first woman wrapped up in her saree, this closet staple is taking on new social value.

Here are three new reasons to rekindle your saree love affair:

1. Passing the good karma: What happens when a socially-minded entrepreneur and a savvy designer get ahold of your old saree? That’s Saris For Good Karma, a project that teaches impoverished women to turn old saris into couture items, and to turn those sewing skills into a long-term business that supports their community. Giving up your old saree never felt so good.

2. Powerful in pink: When you see a crowd of pink sarees, you know help is on the way. The “Gulabi Gang,” a group of women devoted to curbing government corruption in India, has adopted the pink saree as a symbol of their solidarity in the fight to help women and the poor. Whether you agree with their politics or not, one thing is clear: Nothing illustrates the evolving social role of women quite like a saree dyed hot pink. If you’re searching for the perfect hot pink saree of your own, you’ll love Luxemi’s Barbie Pink Saree with Crystals (pictured below).

3. Fashion lifesaver: We all know a good saree can fix a fashion crisis; now a team of U.S. and Indian scientists has shown that the saree can solve a humanitarian one, too. Research illustrates that Bangladeshi women who simply folded a laundered sari four times and then strained their village’s drinking water with the garment helped the rate of cholera drop 50 percent in their communities. How’s that for cutting-edge fashion?

Luxemi is always interested in stories about clothes that make a positive mark on the world. Know of an organization using Indian clothing in an innovative way? Have your own story to tell? Contact us anytime; we’re always here to listen!

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  1. Anybody can recognise you love what you decide to do.
    Appreciate it, keep it up.

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