Luxemi’s Loves: The Top 5 Things That Inspired Us This Week

At Luxemi, we are inspired daily. By fashion, by our fans, by things we see everywhere – whether it’s taking a walk or out painting the town red.  We want to share our weekly inspirations with you every Friday – and hope they’ll inspire you too!  Here’s what we loved this week…

1. Indian-inspired Givenchy vest spied in New Orleans by one of our co-founders for $200, marked down from $1,230 at one of her favorite secret shopping spots.  We love how this vest is both edgy and regal – a versatile piece to spice up any look.

2. Young children learning Bharatanatyam through the movements of animal characters during a Kalapriya educational event at Art Institute of Chicago.  The joy they experienced while learning about yoga and classical Indian dance through the use of storytelling was truly heart-warming. Inspired us to think more about creating stories and the description of storytelling as art.

3. This Marie Antoinette-esque bed by Fabulous & Baroque. It’s a gold leaf hand-carved mahogany piece with beautiful  flowers, leaves and scroll details.  Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, indeed.
4.  New Dior ads featuring the stunning Mila Kunis.  She manages to look effortless and natural, yet incredibly dramatic and luxurious. Simply put: beautiful.

5.  This white chiffon wrap dress that accentuates a perfect hourglass silhouette, which we love here at Luxemi, and is also a great blank canvas for expressive jewelry. While some may say it’s Marilyn Monroe-inspired, we’d like to think that it’s Indian dhoti-inspired instead!

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