Indian-Inspired Men’s Looks hit Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012

Chanel, Louboutin, Hermes: fashion icons around the world have been infusing their collections with Indian touches recently — but all for women.   We normally bring you the latest women’s trends at The Luxe Report, but this week, some interesting men’s looks caught our eye from Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012! Here’s a quick look at how some top designers spiced up the runway this week:

Dolce & Gabbana

Sherwani-style coats have long been the standard in Indian Men’s formalwear, and this jacket features the sleek lines and structured shoulders of a sherwani. We love the incorporation of decadent gold embellishments on the sleeves and lapels.

Kurta-Length Jacket

The rich Matatdor-style embroidery along the neckline of this sweater is reminiscent of that on traditional long Kurta tops worn by men and women throughout South Asia.

Embellished Neck Sweater

Frankie Morello

The Frankie Morello show started off traditional, but clearly had an Indian vibe going through it towards the end, when it started to introduce colors, textures, and even bindis, all while maintaining an ascetic vibe! We’d be lying if we said the lunghis featured on the runway didn’t make our jaws drop — what would our grandparents say?!

Of the collection, the designer said, “A journey, a true meditation tour, from evening to morning, from materialism to simplicity, from the city to the Himalayas.  A meditative and mystical journey to rediscover lightness and purity, abandoning the attachment to material goods.

From the left: A siren red lunghi wrap, an embellished deep v-neck tunic top accented with traditional Indian beads, a silk brocade shirt

The saffron color of this shirt is natural to Indian fashion, as is the heavy embellishment across the shoulders

Z Zegna

Z Zegna’s collection featured several jackets that incorporated the clean-collar look that is symbolic of a sleek Sherwani suit.

Sherwani-inspired Jacket by Z Zegna

What Indian fashion trends would you want to see brought to the runway for men?

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