Luxemi’s Loves: This Week’s Web-Stoppers

It’s a nice little tradition we have going here: Friday, unstoppable snow in our city, and of course, 5 things that made our fingers stop in their track(pad)s from this week!

First off, Kat Graham really gave the term “Star-Studded” Red Carpet a whole new meaning at the Underworld: Awakening Premiere. She looks fiercely awesome in this Falguni & Shane Peacock dress and Ruthie Davis clutch and heels.  Reminds us of a post from last week about bold, edgy jewelry. Stay tuned as we explore this trend next week in a post about Body-Con-esque designers.

Next, on to the other side of the world. We’ve been following the mixed responses to the recent Hermes Sari Launch in Mumbai, and found this quote from a Financial Times article on the debate particularly interesting…

“It is like Indians selling wine in France. To sell a sari in India takes Gallic gall.”

Where do you fall on the issue? Are you terribly opposed to a red blend from Kerala, or do you like the thought of people from different cultures being able to sell any product anywhere?

Speaking of bringing one culture to another, our next love is Entertaining from an Ethnic Kitchen.  This cookbook (or coffee table book if you’re running out of shelf space) is one of our favorites for written Indian recipes — hard to come by if you’ve got a mom who’s got all of her cooking secrets filed away in her brain!  The author, Komali Nunna, was born in Southern India, moved to the US, and shares her recipes, as well as her ideas on entertaining.

While we’re in the kitchen, here’s a fun print that caught our eye.  Enough said.

And finally, we posted about this on Facebook earlier this week, but felt it was worth a closer look.  We sincerely applaud efforts like the one mentioned in The Economist piece, “The Magic Number,” that strive to help India’s poor by circumventing corruption and the middle man through unique measures designed for this specific problem. This Unique Identity Scheme may not fly in Western countries, but could be just the solution India is looking for.

What inspired you this week? Tell us so we can include it in next week’s post!

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