Highlights from New York Fashion Week 2012 – Naeem Khan + Prabal Gurung

As the runway clears and the lights dim on New York Fashion Week 2012 after a staggering 320 shows and presentations, we still have stars in our eyes. The eight fabulous days were packed with lines from the biggest names in fashion — including Marchesa, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren — but two of our favorite designers took fashion week to the next level: Here are Luxemi’s must-have looks from the Naeem Khan and Prabal Gurung runway shows.

Naeem Khan Explores The Decadence and Dust of India

 Naeem Khan Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week

The fashion verdict is in: The sleek, lustrous gowns in Naeem Khan’s Fall 2012 collection are drop-dead spectacular. The always-glam designer said his muse for the collection was “the decadence and dust of India,” and he captured it perfectly in the swirl, sway and sleek lines of his black and white collection. We couldn’t stop awing when we saw this stunning, black and white striped floor-length dress come down the runway. The gown’s bold, asymmetrical patterning adds just the right amount of glimmer to its classic shape and would be unbelievably flattering for many women. What’s our favorite aspect of this dress? The unmistakable Indian influence of its dramatic one-shoulder cut, which is yet another reason to love the saree silhouette.

2012 Standout Looks Naeem Khan Striped Dress

Another Naeem Khan look, this sophisticated pairing of high-waisted pants and a boat-neck sheer top, has glamour written all over it. The silver swirl pattern on these black pants has a striking feminine effect, especially when paired with the strong lines of this show-stopping, glossy black top. We love how Naeem’s meticulous embellishments and patterns, many of them hand-painted, create movement without requiring the weight of extra fabric. The designer said recently that luxury design is finally back — and if the chic, must-have gowns in his Fall 2012 collection are the new face of luxury, count Luxemi in.

Prabal Gurung Explores the Light and Dark in Each of Us

Highlights from Prabal Gurung Fall 2012

Prabal Gurung’s edgy Fall 2012 collection reinforces why this up-and-coming designer is on our must-watch list for fashion inspirations.

The designer took a bold step toward a darker aesthetic in his epic Fall 2012 collection, which used dark and light colors to portray heaven and hell. The darker looks — using rich, night-sky blues, charcoal greys and blacks — were all about leather and rigid lines. Compare that with his ethereal, white and gold pieces, which look destined for the Red Carpet, and you have enough wow factor to fill the entire eight days of New York Fashion Week.

We especially loved his ability to use striking cutouts and angular shapes to give each piece dimension. Aside from his imaginative designs, there was no fabric that was off limits to Gurung, who used everything from crystal rose beadwork, shredded chiffon and rainbow neoprene, to tinsel, vinyl and brocades. The result was a fashion thrill ride that we never want to disembark from.

Fashion Week Makes Room for New Designers

Highlights from Raechel Zoe Fall 2012

We were also pleasantly surprised by the 1960’s and 70’s rock and roll-inspired Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 collection, which represents Rachel Zoe’s first time sending models down the runway at Fashion Week. Although the stylist’s collection wasn’t as daring as we would have liked, she definitely presents a wearable aesthetic for today’s modern woman that we have no doubt will be a huge hit once these looks hit stores.

What were some of your favorite looks from New York fashion week? Let Luxemi know which designers are on your fashion radar.

View the entire Fall 2012 Naeem Khan Collection:

View the entire Fall 2012 Prabal Gurung Collection:


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