Luxemi’s Loves: 5 Things We Loved This Week 03.02.12

Happy Friday everyone! What a huge week for fashion! With the Oscars and all the runway shows happening all over the world, we could barely catch our breath!  With fun promotions running with great partners like The Big Fat Indian Wedding and 3 Bees Paperie, we’ve been super busy at Luxemi headquarters too!  Here are five things that kept us smiling through this crazy week:

1) If you haven’t seen the TV ads (how’d you miss ’em??) for Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, the film came out today.  As big fans of Dr. Seuss, we were thrilled to see this page circulating around the internet.  Inspiring words to live by (and work by) from Dr. Seuss, per usual.Inspiring Words from Dr. Seuss

2) While we’re on the subject of great illustrations, thanks to Pinterest, we stumbled upon these great illustrations by Stanly Chow.  Loved this one of Kevin Bacon, but of course couldn’t go without posting his piece called “Miss India.”  We love his ability to create emotion and personality with minimal lines and colors. We’re pretty sure Luxemi carries the real life version of those earrings btw…

3) And while we’re on the subject of Luxemi’s accessories, did we TELL YOU HOW EXCITED we were to see Robin Givens rocking a Luxemi bracelet and earrings at recent event she hosted?! Givens hosted “An Evening With Bill Cosby,” with, you guessed it, Bill Cosby (we freaked out about that a little as well).  Judging by the pictures we got, we feel like we could help Mr. Cosby out with some styling advice, but we were absolutely thrilled to have the beautiful Robin Givens sporting our stuff.

Robin Givens wearing Luxemi Jewelry with Bill Cosby

Robin Givens hosting An Evening with Bill Cosby, rocking Luxemi Jewelry

Robin Givens in Luxemi Jewelry

Robin Givens wearing the Pearl, Enamel and Crystal Bracelet

4) Since we’re in Hollywood already, have you been watching The Voice? We’re kind of obsessed with Mathai, the South Asian who followed her passion to become a singer. She’s on Adam Levine’s team, and we can’t wait to see where this young starlet goes.  Check out her incredible performance of Rumor Has it here:

5) We were also intrigued by a story last week on the booming industry of recycling sarees in India.  The 1990s war against pollution in Agra was great for trying to keep the air clean and preserve the Taj Mahal, but it unfortunately put thousands of people out of work, as the manufacturing jobs fell by the wayside.  But, through necessity, a new industry was born. Read about how old sarees are recycled and re-sold:

What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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