Indian Fashion 101 – How to Select a High-Quality Saree

Many have asked us, “What sets Luxemi apart?” Aside from fashion-forward designs and incomparable service, the best answer we can give is quality. Here are five easy ways to tell what sets a high-quality Luxemi saree apart from the rest of the Indian fashion pack!

We go for hand embroidery.

high quality sarees are hand embroidered not made by a machine

We all know that there’s no comparison between a piece of clothing that’s handmade by an artisan and one stamped out by the thousands in a factory. When you choose a saree that’s hand-embroidered, you know that its threads and embellishments have been sewn and placed carefully with an artistic eye  — meaning that your garment will have a truly unique design that’s your and yours alone! There’s nothing better than wearing a saree you know has been made with love and attention to detail, which you just can’t get that from a mass-produced, machine-made garment. With Luxemi’s hand-embroidered sarees, you’ll know you’re wearing something that is truly one of a kind. Pictured above? A handwoven Kashmiri saree that artisans spent 5-6 months creating. Now that’s love.

We avoid synthetic blends.

what a high-quality saree looks like

Have you ever spotted a saree with the most gorgeous hand-embroidered embellishments you’ve ever seen, only to be totally disappointed by how stiff and scratchy the fabric feels once you try the saree on? It’s a situation that’s happened to us a million times in Little Indias in every major city. A good rule of is to always go with pure fabrics and avoid synthetic blends that don’t breathe or move! A saree made from pure fabric will feel soft and luxurious against your skin, will withstand more wear and tear, and as an added bonus, it will also give you that gorgeous flow you always see when sarees come down the runway. Luxemi’s collection features mostly pure fabric sarees, and we hand-pick each of our net sarees to make sure they feel soft as lace against your skin! One feel of the soft fabric in Luxemi’s Tied With a Bow Georgette Saree and you’ll know the difference.

We make sure to be wary of color running.

no bleed designer sarees

And while we’re on the topic of pure vs. synthetic fabrics, here’s another major plus of going for a saree made from a pure fabric: it cuts down on color bleeding! When color is applied to a synthetic fabric, it’s much more likely to run, ruining the gorgeous aesthetic of your garment. Color is a lot less likely to bleed when you wash a pure fabric saree, meaning your saree’s pattern or dyes will keep looking just as perfect as when you purchased it! Rest assured, Luxemi fans: we test all our sarees for color running before adding them to our collection! The super chic pattern on this Giraffe Print Sequined Saree by Satya Paul is the garment’s knockout feature — and by testing it for color blurring, we make sure it stays that way.

We check the falls.

Neeru Kumar saree

There’s nothing worse than having the falls on your saree get caught on your shoe or even rip off when you hit the dance floor. What’s the best way to keep the fabric along the bottom of your saree perfectly intact? Look for a garment with falls that are tightly and evenly stitched. Luxemi’s sarees feature high-quality falls that won’t fall off or snag… we make sure of it. Want to see the vision of high quality? Check out this Yellow Deconstructed Bandhani Saree, one of the latest creations from chic Indian designer (and Luxemi favorite!) Neeru Kumar.

We know what quality feels like.

 designer saree high quality embellishments

Aside from fabric, color, embroidery and embellishment, the feel of a garment is critical. If a saree is pure chiffon, it should feel lightweight and flow easily when you take it off the hanger. When you’re checking out a heavily embroidered saree, it should actually feel heavy to the touch. Luxemi makes sure each of the gorgeous sarees in our collection has an undeniable high-quality feel, which you’ll recognize as soon as you slip it on. Trust your eyes, but if all else fails, always trust your fingertips. Not sure what quality heavy embroidery should look and feel like? Use this lehenga saree as your benchmark for saree perfection.

Whether you’re looking for a saree to wear during the upcoming wedding season or to a casual daytime event, Luxemi can help you find the perfect high-quality choice that fits your style. Only the best for our Luxe fans!

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