Indian Fashion 101 – What is Kashmiri Embroidery Work?

Nothing is better than slipping on a saree that you can feel was made with love and care. When you want the ultimate display of artisan affection, a carefully crafted Kashmiri saree is the perfect choice. Here’s why this classic Indian textile technique is making a high-fashion comeback this spring!

Kashmir’s most skilled embroiderers have been hand-stitching Kashmiri work onto sarees and lehengas for centuries, and there’s a reason why this classic textile technique has stood the test of time. Kashmiri garments are loved around the world for their perfectly executed stitches and ornate motifs. A Kashmiri artist spends 5 to 6 months hand-stitching each garment using one or two embroidery stitches, carefully using fine needles and delicate thread to hand-place each stitch in the perfect spot. Kashmiri embroidery work creates some of the most gorgeous, refined patterns we’ve ever seen on sarees, made with love that you can feel in every thread.

Kashmiri sarees high-fashion runway collections


Judging by some recent designer collections we’ve seen, Kashmiri sarees are definitely runway ready. We’re loving the shimmer and shine that Kashmiri work brought to Manish Malhotra’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2012. And we were equally awed by how effortlessly Manish’s garments flowed coming down the runway. That’s another thing that makes Kashmiri embroidery so chic: it’s light as a feather and catches the light in the most gorgeous way.

Kashmiri saree spring celebrity trend artistic Indian fashion

This Delicate Handwoven Kashmiri Saree from Luxemi’s collection shows an artful, fashion-forward take on Kashmiri embroidery. With a rich blue color palate and intricate teal threading in a nature-inspired pattern, this saree is an absolute knockout. The subtle shine from hand-placed sequins gives this piece the perfect hint of glam for a night out. Artisans put 5 to 6 months of time into stitching this saree, and we know you’ll feel the love as soon as you slip it on. And to compete this artful look, try these Kashmiri Kundan Wrap Around Earrings with intricate pearl beading and gorgeous Kundan work.

Kashmiri earrings high fashion Indian jewelry celebrity trends

Luxemi loves how fashion and art intersect in handcrafted Kashmiri garments. We’re excited to see what gorgeous creations Kashmiri embroiderers stitch up next!

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