Do The Math: Why Renting A Saree Makes Fashion (and Financial) Sense

Save money on designer Indian sarees during wedding season

With wedding season steadily approaching, one thing is clear: being a stylish maharani is expensive. Unlike an American wedding, which requires one, maybe two, outfits at the most, a traditional Indian wedding celebration requires five if not more complete looks. From the mehndi, sangeet and the garba, to the wedding and reception, making a fashion splash during wedding season requires not just attire, but also the perfect, carefully coordinated accessories, from undergarments to jewelry. Ever wonder just how expensive purchasing a new series of outfits for every wedding you’re invited to can get? Luxemi has done the math for you:

1. Purchasing a saree in little India.

A saree in any little India across the country will set you back at least $250, at that’s for the cheapest option. If you’re traveling to India proper to pick up a saree, factor in airfare and accommodations and chances are you’re spending a minimum of about $250 there, too. And don’t forget, that’s $250 per saree. Remember you need five. At least.

 2. Having a custom blouse made.

ways to save money on Indian blouses

We’ve done some calling around in the Chicago area, and blouses range anywhere from $35 – $45, and even up to $60 if you ask for a blouse with any bells and whistles (well okay, not whistles, but tassels). Also factor in the value of the time you’ll spend going to and from the tailor. Not an easy proposition for today’s busy, modern woman.

3. Having a petticoat stitched.

No saree is complete without a petticoat, and from our research, a petticoat will set you back at least $15. And again, remember, one is never enough, as despite being an undergarment, petticoats are done in the same color as each individual saree, so you’ll need not one, but five.

 4. Picking up the right accessories.

When it comes to accessories, it’s difficult for us to even begin to estimate how much accessories can cost, due to the huge variations in cost. One of the biggest problems of course is accessibility, as finding quality Indian jewelry pieces in the States is not exactly an easy proposition. Let’s just say that at a minimum, a complete jewelry look can set you back at least $100.

5. Paying for dry cleaning.

After a long night of reveling, chances are your saree will need to head straight to the dry cleaner. The average cost to get a saree dry cleaned by someone skilled with Indian apparel? You’ll be paying at least $25, depending on the garment.

So that means that per look, your cost is a minimum of $400. Invited to five events for a single wedding? You’re about to spend $2000 at the very minimum. And that’s per wedding! Being that we know nothing scares an Indian woman more than a fashion repeat nightmare, we’re guessing many of you are trying your best to either 1) not be photographed or 2) wear different outfits to different weddings in the same season.

But there’s an alternative. You can borrow a complete look from Luxemi. Here are some of the benefits of renting:

1. Renting simply costs less.

gorgeous designer sarees for rent Satya Paul

From left, Luxemi's Lehenga Saree with White Crystals, $48; and Luxemi's Painted Saree with Zari Border by Satya Paul, $98.

On, you can find sarees to rent for as little as $48. Jonesing for a designer saree? You can rent a Satya Paul saree for as little as $98. The beauty of is that our filters allow you to narrow down your selection not only by price, style and color, but also by designer, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in your specific budget. Try sorting like that in Little India.

2. Renting includes the complete package.

When you rent a saree from Luxemi, it includes a matching stitched blouse and petticoat. Because we offer blouses in several sizes and each size is adjustable, you can rest assured that the blouse will fit. Want to create a truly custom look? We also offer mix and match designer blouses by Kavita Bhartia that you can rent for only $20!

3. You can rent jewelry, too.

inexpensive designer jewelry to rent for Indian wedding saree tikka

From left, Victorian Pendant Set with Pink Stones, $28; and Victorian Bridal Set, $148.

Every saree on the Luxemi website is paired with jewelry by our style team. Whether you buy or borrow jewelry to match your saree, Luxemi offers a wide range of style in all price points. You can borrow a necklace and earring set for as little as $28, or for $148, you can borrow a Victorian bridal set complete with a tikka.

 4. We offer simple, prepaid returns.

Once you’re done looking fabulous in your borrowed look, simply mail it back to Luxemi using the prepaid return envelope that comes with each rental. That’s right, there’s no need to pay for dry cleaning, either.

So you do the math. You can rent a complete look from Luxemi for under $100. Not only will you look fabulous, you’ll a) no longer have to deal with a closet full of already worn, dated sarees or b) worry about being photographed. Borrow from Luxemi and free yourself to take a fashion risk, explore a trend, or simply save thousands of dollars per wedding season!

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    i want to purchase the white saree to Sri Lanka how much is the coast

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