Spring 2012 Fashion Trend – Turquoise is Southwest Chic

Of all the trending colors for Spring 2012, turquoise is the one our closets can’t live without. Want to infuse a little turquoise into your textiles and jewelry? Luxemi has all you need to update the Southwest inspired turquoise style for the spring season.

Turquoise inspired fashion for spring saree salwar

Most people say the word “turquoise” comes from either the French word for Turkey (reflecting the early thought that that’s where turquoise came from), or from the term “pierre turquin” (“dark blue stone” in French). For a long time, Persian turquoise was considered the crème de la crème of this blue-green mineral, but now the Southwestern U.S. is home to the majority of the world’s most beautiful turquoise. Pharaohs, Aztec kings and other nobility have always celebrated turquoise for protecting and bringing good fortune to them when they were wearing it. We can’t think of a more gorgeous good luck charm!

When it comes to 21st century fashion, turquoise is the ultimate element of the Southwestern chic style. Whether you’re actually wearing the gorgeous mineral or just a garment that matches its green-blue hue, turquoise is perfect for spring. Luxemi loves anything that mixes east and west in an eclectic way: that’s why we’re so into the idea of pairing this Southwest-influenced shade with the saree’s eastern silhouette.

spring 2012 inspired sarees salwars popular colors

Luxemi's Turquoise Saree with White Patterns, left, and Turquoise Chiffon Saree with Gold Sequin Buttas

Luxemi’s collection is filled with fashion-forward turquoise sarees, but we’re really loving these two looks right now. Our Turquoise Saree with White Patterns has a striking blue-green color that would look fabulous on any skin tone, but our favorite detail is the retro-inspired paisley pattern. It’s a modern twist on the vintage vibe we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. Want to give turquoise a glam makeover? This Turquoise Chiffon Saree with Gold Sequin Buttas is perfection from its gorgeous mandarin neckline and intricate butta work all the way down to its gold sequin embellished falls.

southwestern inspired jewelry spring

And no turquoise look is complete without a piece of chic, earth-inspired jewelry. Our pick? This Turquoise Lotus Bracelet with Sapphires, which has a chunky band that captures the earthy feel of turquoise and white sapphire detailing that adds a bit of polish to this killer accessory.

Mad Men inspired Indian jewelry

For a turquoise take on 1950s fashion, try pairing Luxemi’s Gold Ball Necklaces and Turquoise Earrings with this simple tailored shirtdress from Thakoon. This necklace reminds us of a more colorful, lively version of the iconic strand of pearls you see Joan Harris and Peggy Olson wearing on Mad Men!

Need to spruce up your wardrobe for spring? Try a little turquoise! We know you’ll look fabulous in a retro chic turquoise saree or a piece of colorful turquoise jewelry.

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One response to “Spring 2012 Fashion Trend – Turquoise is Southwest Chic

  1. Turquoise also looks great on almost all skin tones, whether Indian or otherwise. It’s one of my favorite colors 🙂

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