Not Your Mother’s Pearls: Meet The Mixtress

easy ways to infuse indian style into runway clothing wardrobe

Luxemi is excited to introduce our new guest blogger, The Mixtress. If you haven’t experienced her blog yet, get ready for The Mixtress’ unique take on Recessionista meets Fashionista. She’ll be sharing how to weave thrift shop finds with designer duds and of course, how to mix your Luxemi favorites with your favorite Western wear.

Pearls have traditionally represented the height of effortless chic, worn by style icons like Jacqueline Kennedy and Coco Chanel. You may have coveted them when you were eight-years-old and rummaging through your mother’s treasure trove, but nowadays, wearing pearls may seems like a “yawn” when you can wear a fashion-forward, chunky statement necklace. Unless you’re the head of a “type-A” sorority, pearls just aren’t part of your regular fashion repertoire—until now.

At Luxemi, where traditional and modern fusion is our expertise, we’ve resurrected your mommy’s pearls and given them new life. To add a touch of modern class to any outfit, try Luxemi’s Crescent Kundan Hanging Earrings ($88). They’ve got a pinch of bohemian, a dash of vintage, and just the right amount of eclectic glamour. Try rocking them with a demure top and an edgy pair of jeans for your Mother’s Day brunch and the world will truly be your oyster, though you might have to share them with Mom!

Want the complete look? Here’s where you can get it!

Crescent Kundan Hanging Earrings


Gold Bracelet Set with Black Accents


Pearl and Gold Harness (Coming soon!)


Soul Cal Deluxe Ripped Skinny Jeans


Stella McCartney Lace top


Prezzo Women’s 9906 Clutch


Alaia Leather lace-up sandals


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