Bridesmaid DIY Wedding Projects – Give Back To The Bride

As a bridesmaid, you want the bride’s big day to be as special as possible. Want a unique, easy way to make her wedding day worth remembering? Try these DIY wedding projects to put a sentimental spin on her reception.

DIY Tissue Paper Pomanders (courtesy of Event Jubilee)

art project ideas inspiration for wedding reception decorations

Luxemi loves how these pretty pomanders add an instant pop of color to your wedding reception décor. And what makes this project even better is that it only requires four materials — no messy glues or paints required! To put an Indian spin on these pomanders, use yellow and orange tissue papers to emulate festive marigold garlands.

mairgold themed craft DIY projects India inspired weddings

What you’ll need

  • Tissue paper
  • Floral wire
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Ribbon


  1. Cut down the tissue paper into rectangles. (The larger the rectangle, the larger your flowers will be.)
  2. Layer a few pieces of tissue paper and fold them in an accordion style.
  3. Once in accordion style, fold the stack of paper in half.
  4. Wrap a piece of your floral wire around the tissue paper at the fold you just made.
  5. Unfold and separate the tissue paper layers to make the flower shape.
  6. After you’ve made 45-50 of these flowers, attach a loop of ribbon to your Styrofoam ball with floral wire. This will allow you to hang the pomander once you’re finished.
  7. Attach the flowers you’ve made by sticking their center wires into the Styrofoam. You’re finished once you can’t see any Styrofoam peeking through.

You can hang these pomanders above each table at the reception, or at focal points such as the main entranceway, to give the celebration a festive touch.

DIY Lace Candle Centerpieces (courtesy of

homemade arts and craft projects for weddings India

No reception table is complete without a centerpiece, right? Rather than an elaborate, expensive centerpiece, try making these lace-wrapped candles. They’ll bring instant elegance, and if you choose red, fuchsia or gold lace, will create an opulent Indian vibe!

vibrant lace for craft DIY wedding projects

What you’ll need

  • Candles – votive sized, in glass jars
  • Wide lace in any color
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut your lace into strips about an inch longer than the circumference of your candle jars.
  2. With the smooth edge of your lace pointing down, wrap a piece of lace tightly around each candle.
  3. At the spot where the two ends of the lace overlap, apply a few small dots of hot glue, holding down the lace for a few seconds to make sure it’s glued securely.
  4. Let the candle sit for 10 minutes to allow the glue to cool and dry.

Place one candle in the middle of each table, or group candles wrapped with different colored laces to create a more vibrant atmosphere.

gorgeous saree sari indian wedding trends 2012

Luxemi knows how overwhelming wedding planning can be for brides, and that’s why we love the idea of bridesmaids giving back with these DIY décor projects. Are you looking for another way to help minimize the bride’s stress levels? Check out Luxemi’s Bridesmaid Saree Collection, which makes coordinating matching bridesmaids outfits a snap.

Here’s how it works: Simply select your favorite of our eight bridesmaid saree styles, chose the color you love, pick the blouse cut that reflects your bridesmaids’ individual style, and let Luxemi handle the rest. We’ll send a saree, custom tailored blouse and petticoat and a Luxe Pack (including a beautiful garment bag, bindis and safety pins) for each bridesmaid.

Want to know more about Luxemi’s Bridesmaid Collection? Contact us at for all the details!

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