Indian Fashion 101 – Mukesh Work is India’s Original Sequin

New Years may have passed, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up all our sparkle until next December 31. If you want a subtle shimmer that you can rock year round, you’ve got to try Mukesh embroidery, India’s ethnic spin on the sequin.

indian traditional textile fashion techniques

Mukesh are tiny disks of silver or gold that artists hand-sew meticulously throughout a garment to create an all-over shine. Artisans start the Mukesh process by flattening the metal threads used in zari work into the signature disk shape. Then, they space these metallic circles evenly throughout a garment, a technique that creates a soft shimmer that some people say looks like the luster of stars in a night sky.

Mukesh may be subtler than sequins, but when your Mukesh saree hits the light, you’ll get a gorgeous all-over glow that you just won’t get from any other embellishment! Luxemi’s Tangerine Saree with Inlaid Print and Mukesh is a chic example of modern Mukesh work. With intricate silver disks hand-sewn throughout pure georgette, you’ll shimmer from every angle. Another feature we love in this saree is the gorgeous floral-inspired pattern inlaid into the lush fabric.

guide to traditional indian fashion techniques

Luxemi also loves this Mustard Yellow Saree with Mukesh and Black Lace. Its silver Mukesh accents and heavy borders update this classic ethnic look for 2013.

Want to know more about your favorite traditional Indian textile techniques? Check out Luxemi’s Indian Fashion 101 series on the LuxeReport! We’ve got quick guides on everything from mirror work and bandhani to Kashmiri and the lehenga saree, all featuring stunning Luxemi looks that embody these classic Indian styles.

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