What To Pack For An Indian Wedding

Packing for an Indian wedding

The Great Indian Wedding stands for fun, frolic, festivity and fashion. And as picture-perfect every frame looks once the celebrations have come to a close, only we women know how much planning and prepping goes into looking the way we do. Packing for an Indian wedding is no mean feat and we bet you’d second that. So as we gear up to dive right into the wedding season, we present a handy checklist of all that your suitcase(s) needs to hold!

Occasion appropriate outfits

It’s not as simple as packing two dresses and heels to match. Celebrations are generally spread across 2-3 days and involve a host of events. It’s best to keep your looks for each as varied as possible — after all, no one should accuse you of being sartorially boring! For instance, a flirty sharara is perfect for a mehendi while a lehenga fits the bill for a sangeet. Opt for a traditional suit for the pheras and change into a smart sari for the reception. It’s best to plan well in advance and make sure you discuss your sartorial choices with friends and family who are attending too.

Packing for an Indian wedding 

A back up outfit

You never know what will go down once you reach the wedding venue. A tear in your lehenga or a forgotten blouse that renders your new sari useless are common mishaps. Hence it’s always best to carry a spare outfit to avoid such damsel-in-distress moments.

Bling Bling

An Indian wedding without a blinding display of jewelry? That doesn’t sound right! Be sure to pack some stunning baubles to match your ensembles. Jhumkis, maang tikkas and hand harnesses are au courant favorites.

Packing for an Indian wedding

Mix, match and play around for functions like the sangeet, mehindi and cocktail. However it’s best to slip on a diamond or kundan set for the reception and pheras. And don’t forget to carry a selection of clutches to complement your attire.

Packing for an Indian wedding

Comfortable footwear

We all know how easy (or not!) it is to walk around in a sari. And 6-inch stilettos, especially if you’re not used to them, isn’t going to make the task easier. Embellished wedges or flats are a more sensible way to go.

A Fix-It Kit

It takes a lot to hold that sari, chic bun or lehenga dupatta together. So make sure you pack ample safety pins, bobby pins, a pair of scissors and a needle and thread. Double-sided tape is a savior to keep that plunging blouse or maang tikka in place while band-aid is a must if you’re breaking in new shoes! If you borrow from us, we’ll send over a Luxe Pack, which contains bindis, safety pins and a beautiful saree bag for you to keep.

Hair styling products and make up

Overslept (blame it on those shots) and now you’re running late for the morning function? A simple blowout with soft curls or a messy yet chic top knot is a fail-safe hair do. Also, make it a point to coordinate with your friends before you pack hair styling appliances like a hair iron, hair dryer or curling tongs and designate who should carry what. As for your make up, turn to smoky eyes and bright lips for a night event and keep it fresh and dewy for a day function.

Pack right

Now that you’ve gathered all the things you need, make sure you pack them in an organized fashion. Preparing a list with details of each look will keep any last minute confusion at bay. Pack function wise. That way you’re less likely to forget something. Designate separate cloth bags to each outfit to avoid them getting entangled, taking on the color of another piece or just getting ruined in general.

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Share your packing tips and tricks with us in the comment box below.

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