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Luxe Ladies: The Life and Style of Nina Mehta

At Luxemi, we love to celebrate our customers —  and really, with so many amazing women doing such interesting things, why wouldn’t we?! In our new series, Luxe Ladies, we’ll be featuring a real member of the community to learn about her and her relationship with Indian fashion.

Luxe Report Readers, Meet Nina. We chatted with Nina about her life, her style, and of course, Luxemi!

Nina Mehta, Designer at Twilio in San Francisco

Luxemi: May we please have your bio-data info?
Nina: I love my life! I’m a San Francisco transplant from Chicago. My new city has everything I need except Devon Street. ‘Devon’ is like like Chicago’s Little India where you can always find a paper-thin dosa and a mountain of bindis.

I’m 26 and spend my days as a designer working at Twilio and the evenings exploring music and seeing and doing art projects.

Luxemi: How would you describe your style?
Nina: My fashion (and artistic) style is influenced a lot by materials and patterns. I try to compose a look that blends opposing ideas like a soft image on a hard material, metal embellishments on a flowing fabric or an outfit with pieces from the East and West. I’ll usually wear clothes with simple fabrics, cuts and styles but have one element that funks it up with a punch.

Nina's Metal & Wooden Jewelry

During the last year few years I started buying Indian, African and Californian wood jewelry. The material is light, natural, almost always has been hand-crafted. I also love the way the sound of wooden bracelets sound when they knock against each other around my wrists. It’s much more office friendly than the metal pieces I wear when I’m out in the evenings.

The cartoon version of me is wearing a black, comfortably fitted dress, sheer tights, a little bronze locket, a few wooden bracelets and some funky flats. In the winter, I’ll wrap my purple shawl from Jaipur around my neck like a scarf and tuck into my leather jacket.

Luxemi:  What is your relationship with Indian fashion?
Nina:  It’s pretty difficult for me to keep up with Indian fashion because I only wear sarees and salwars to marriage functions and Diwali parties. Every few years I go to India with my family, usually for a wedding, and that’s when it makes sense to invest in one or two safe outfits I can wear for a few years. But in India, if you can dream up the outfit, it can be made. There are too many choices! It’s hard to keep up with Indian fashion because I wear it so infrequently.

Luxemi: Why did you try Luxemi?
  A near and dear Indian friend of mine was getting married and invited me to be a bridesmaid, so I wanted to look my best. At the bachelorette party, the bridesmaids decided to shop together on Luxemi, and rent an outfit for the Sangeet night.

Luxemi: What did you think about Luxemi?
  At first I was hesitant to rent a sari because I usually have a tough time deciding what I want to buy. But browsing the outfits on Indian models from the couch at a beach house with my girlfriends was way more fun than dealing with heat, crowds, smells and thousands of choices without any way to do a search!

The major perk for me was having my Sari delivered. I had my outfits shipped to Chicago, where the wedding was, so I got to fly carry-on which let me spend more time with my family instead of stuffing my suitcase with a wrinkled Sari and waiting at baggage claim.For the sangeet I wore a mustard sari with a wide, beautiful peacock embroidery that ran down the back.

I usually choose safe colors like purples and greens but renting gave me the freedom to take a chance. I love the hard sequin-emboidered peacock against the soft flowing fabric. I loved it so much I had the mehndi artist design peacocks on my palms. For the first time I wore an Sari that embraced my personal style and still looked very Indian.

Thanks, Nina! Follow Nina @ninamehta on twitter.

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