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2012 Emmys Inspired Fashion – New Girl, Girls, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire

Is it just us, or are there a lot of fashionable women on Emmy nominated shows this year? From Zooey Deschanel and Christina Hendricks to Kelly MacDonald and Jemima Kirke, these women not only give stellar performances, they each have very distinct style sense that we love. Here are some Luxemi looks inspired by these ladies’ iconic, Emmy-worthy performances.

Zooey Deschanel – Jess Day, The New Girl

2012 Emmys Primetime style Zooey Deschanel

Whether it’s a quirky tuxedo manicure or a vintage peplum waist gown, Zooey Deschanel’s fashion choices always echo the singer-actress’ funky retro vibe. And the same goes for Jess Day in “The New Girl.” Our pick for Zooey and her quirky New Girl counterpart is this 1960s-inspired Turquoise Saree with White Patterns. The white paisley gives this darling chiffon saree just the right hint of retro to mirror Zooey’s style.

Christina Hendricks – Joan Harris, Mad Men 

Madmen inspired Indian fashion saree salwar suit

The big surprise of the 2012 Primetime Emmys nominations is that Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant was snubbed for the first time in the show’s five seasons. Still, there’s no denying the strong style that she outfits Christina Hendricks in to convey Joan Harris’ power and sex appeal. This Coral Wrap by Nikasha has a wrap fit that would accentuate Joan’s curves and undeniable 1960s flair. And the fact that it’s in Joan’s signature red makes it an even better fit for Sterling Cooper Draper’s sultry office manager.

Kelly MacDonald – Margaret Schroeder, Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire 1920s inspird Indian style

We love how Margaret’s style evolved in the second season of “Boardwalk Empire,” turning her from a modest (yet still chic) housewife into a sophisticated fashionista who embraces the era’s elaborate flapper style. This gorgeous, coppery Net Saree with Beaded Applique channels the era’s penchant for beading and shimmer while still reflecting the sophistication of Margaret and Irish actress Kelly MacDonald.

Jemima Kirke – Jessa, Girls

Girls HBO show inspired Indian accessories Jessa

No show this year has captured the twenty-something culture quite like HBO’s “Girls.” Each of the show’s girls has a distinct style, making it difficult for us to pick a favorite from this New York City foursome, but there’s something about ultra Bohemian Jessa that we’re definitely feeling. To portray Jessa’s eclectic, funky style, Jemima Kirke wears everything from oversized bangles and unconventional earrings and pairs them with flowing pants and feather-embellished coats. To put an Indian spin on Jessa’s style, we love these artful Kashmiri Kundan Wrap Around Earrings paired with this bold Turquoise Lotus Bracelet with Sapphires.

Whether it’s Jessa’s hip, eclectic edge or Margaret’s flapper flair, Luxemi can help you capture all the television the fashion statements you just can’t live without. We can’t wait to see which of these ladies wins big on the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Red Carpet.

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Zodiac Inspired Indian Fashion – Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio (Water Signs)

The water signs are all about intuition, creativity and emotion –the makings of an artful sense of style. If you’re a Pisces, Cancer or Scopio, Luxemi has an Indian fashion horoscope just for you!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

July birthday inspired Indian saree salwar celebrity fashion

Emotional, sentimental and imaginative, Cancer is cautious and sympathetic when it comes to interacting with others. White and silver tones are closely associated with this quiet, understated sign. If you’re a Cancer, you share a sign with Jessica Simpson, Lindsey Lohan, Maya Rudolph, Blondie, and Meryl Streep. Given Cancer’s gentle soul and imaginative nature, Luxemi loves this Silk and Cotton Striped Saree by Neeru Kumar. It’s a creative spin on classic pin stripes that would appeal to any sentimental, artistic Cancer. Complete the look with these whimsical Lotus with Pearl Ball Earrings.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

perfect indian fashion clothing for scorpios celebrity scorpios

Scorpios tend to have the most magnetic, energetic personalities of all the water signs. Simultaneously outgoing and intuitive, Scorpios are usually associated with murky, dark red hues. What we love about this Maroon Hand Painted Georgette Saree by Satya Paul is that it strikes the perfect balance between subtle and bold. With a deep maroon hue and vibrant lime detailing, this saree embodies Scorpio’s complex nature. It’s a look we could definitely see on celebrity Scorpios like Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams or Emma Stone.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

celebrity pisces fashion indian saree salwar horoscope personalities

Known for dual personalities and artistic flair, the Pisces is the most sensitive of the signs. Often synonymous with the ocean and a sea-green hue, Pisces is the sign of celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Carrie Underwood, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Want your fashion to reflect your soft, artistic side? Your inner Pisces will love the artful shift of colors and moods in this Tonal Saree with Banded Sequins.

There’s nothing better than wearing clothing that fits your personality like a glove. No matter your sign, Luxemi has the perfect saree or salwar for you. Need a few suggestions? Check out the Luxemi collection or contact us for more fashion inspiration. And while you’re on the Luxe Report, make sure to check our Indian fashion horoscopes for the other 9 Zodiac signs!

– Swathi Narra, Luxemi co-founder

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